Full file system download:

Live and deleted data, recovered byte by byte...

iXAM® users benefit from ongoing research and development as FTS continues to increase the range of live and deleted data recoverable from the Apple iPhone™ and iPod Touch™.


The Full File System download option images the entire relevant data space completely, including all the data space occupied by deleted data and empty memory space too.


The process follows the highest in forensic best practice rules, based on all the relevant international standards, including NIST (USA) guidelines and the ACPO (UK) principles.


In most cases iXAM® can recover the following information where available:

  • Address book

(including multiple entry types i.e. home, mobile, work, web page, assigned ring tone etc.)

  • Call register
  • Incoming and outgoing call durations
  • SMS messages
  • E-mails (plain text)
  • E-mail accounts used
  • Extract and reproduce e-mail attachments
  • Calendar entries
  • Map locations (latitude, longitude and search terms)
  • ICCID/IMSI of last SIM card
  • Speed dials
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • User specified dictionary words
  • Live and deleted images

(our image extraction will retrieve the time and date that a picture was taken and, if available, the location it was taken at i.e. latitude and longitude of the image)

  • Video footage
  • Audio clips
  • Content downloads
  • Deleted and historic Call Register entries
  • Live and deleted voicemail

(potentially everything received over the lifetime of the handset)

  • Internet bookmarks (including last visited date)
  • Internet history
  • Internet cookies (including web sites visited and creation/expiry time-stamps)
  • Active and historic viewed web pages
  • Wireless Network details

(including router IP/MAC/Subnet, domain name and last connection time)

  • Bluetooth pairings

(this includes device names, MAC addresses and PIN numbers for pairing & historic entries)

  • Current time zone offset (not available on all firmware versions)
  • IMEI/Firmware version (only possible in certain cases)
  • Screen shots showing general use, function and data entry
  • For 3G iPhone™, we can extract GPS location fixes.

These include latitude, longitude, altitude and time and date. These are confirmed fixes - they prove that the device was definitely in that location at that time.



Future updates:

Regular updates are included with each seat license. Every subscriber receives a unique log-in to access our secure FTP server.